About US


QH Arabic School provides Supportive and productive envrionment for learning while promotes independence, interdependence and self-motivation


In QH Arabic School Students’ needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in the learning program. Students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking and application


Continous assessment practices are an integral part of teaching and learning. In QH Arabic School learning connects strongly with communities and practice beyond the classroom

About Us

Arabic is one of the oldest living languages in the world, and is the origin of many languages. It is the official language of 350 million people in more than 23 countries, on a larger scale it is spoken in most Muslim countries as it is the spiritual language of Islam, one of the world’s major religions.

Anyone can learn or relearn a language. It is never too late or too early to begin. We accommodate the needs of individual students to help them feel capable, confident, and independent.

Quakers Hill Arabic School offers is a center dedicated to providing quality Arabic  instruction in a beautiful and conducive setting, using a communicative curriculum along with modern technology.

Quakers Hill Arabic School offers quality Arabic courses for adults and children for all races from all walks of life and all age groups, including students, professionals, expatriates, businessmen and women, diplomats and retiree. We offer courses from basic to advanced level for individuals, family and groups.

Quakers Hill Arabic School offers courses which are designed to optimize your progress and provide the language skills needed to communicate effectively in Arabic.

Quakers Hill Arabic School offers introductory and intermediate level students with a rigorous complete immersion language experience in an Arabic environment, integrating the acquisition of listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills at an accelerated pace.

As you progress through the course levels, students will be able to

– speak, read and write Arabic

– read and understand the Holy Quran

–  communicate more confidently when traveling to Arabic speaking countries and

–  understand and communicate better with Arabic speaking friends or family.

Quakers Hill Arabic School offers small class sizes which allow for high levels of interaction between students and the teacher.

Quakers Hill Arabic School’s highly qualified and experienced teachers and advanced classroom technology creates an ideal learning environment.


Youssef Hassan is the Principal of the Quakers Hill Arabic School. He is also the appointed Imam of Quakers Hill Masjid and a member of Australian Imam Council. He is also the Head arabic teacher of Malek Fahd Islamic School Beaumont Hills in High School section.

An Incredible Faculty

Mohammad Azom
Mohammad Azom

Mohammad Azom is the General Secretary of the  Al-Barakah Welfare Trust Australia that governs the Quakers Hill Mosque and Quakers Hill arabic school. He teaches Islamic studies for all levels of students and is the Managing Director of administrative operations.

Dr Maha Ahmed

Dr Maha Ahmed is the head teacher for Quran reading with Tajweed for advanced level students. Dr. Maha also runs a Quran class for adults sisters on Wednesday at Quakers Hill Masjid. She has recently been awarded by MP Kevin Conolly for he contribution in our community over the past few years.

Sarab Tahsin Ali

Sister Sarab Tahsin Ali is the teacher for Arabic Language and Islamic studies for the intermediate level. She has been in this noble profession for more than 15 years. She also takes scripture class in different schools during school days.

Maha Zreika

Sister Maha Zreika is the teacher for Quran Reading Quieda Noorani studies for intermediate level of students.

Riem Mohammad

Sister Riem Mohammad is the teacher for Quran Reading Quieda Noorani studies for Level 1 students.

Yasmin Ellabban

Sister Yasmin Ellabban is the teacher for Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies for the higher group in preparatory level.

Iesha Ellabban

Sister Iesha Ellabban is an assistant teacher for Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies for beginners group in preparatory level.

Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman

Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman is the administration officer of the Quakers Hill arabic School.

Jinan Darwish

Sister Jinan is the head of Arabic language teaching in Quakers Hill Arabic school. She has been teaching Arabic for several years in Sydney and helping the community thereby.

Harris Sadaat

Brother Harris is a young energetic teacher for  Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies for beginners group in preparatory level. He finished his 2 years of Islamic studies in Quran and arabic from Ibn-Masud centre and Arabic Tafseer College in Sydney. He is continuing his advanced level in the same area of studies.