} On the other hand, shoes with a solid upper and thick cushioning—often found in the downhill category—are the most prone to running hot. Category: Downhill/all-mountainPedal compatibility: FlatWeight: 2 lbs. For this reason, the Jackets are a great choice for dirt jumpers and freeriders but if you do want to go on a long ride, the sole is stiff and efficiently transfers power through to the pedals. Clipless Shoes Shimano S-Phyre XC9. And if you’ll be jumping on a bike with clipless pedals, then you’ll need a compatible shoe right off the bat.Back to Our Top Mountain Bike Shoe Picks  Back to Our Shoe Comparison Table. 15.8 oz.What we like: Glove-friendly closure system and insulated Gore-Tex liner.What we don’t: Expensive and not versatile. The sole also has great vibration damping properties. The disadvantage of having your foot attached to the pedal is that you can pull the back wheel up for hops and jumps without using the proper technique and you will likely not learn these skills properly. Additionally, they almost exclusively are made with a clipless design (which confusingly means you connect or “clip” into the pedal). Nothing is more important than keeping your feet warm on a bike ride. Expand To See MoreSee LessGore-Tex helps to keep your feet from getting too warm.The carbon reinforced stiff sole is good for pedalling and just about lets you walk but this would be uncomfortable for extended periods.Grip off the bike is enhanced by the anti-slip lugs. There... Connecticut-based Cannondale has always done things a little differently, but their revamped and surprisingly mainstream 2019 Habit seeks to make them a top contender once again. The strongest performers, such as the Giro Terraduro Mid and Five Ten Impact High, even have a taller ankle height or extended cuff for extra protection. As such, the $40-more-expensive GR7 can’t unseat the Freerider as our favorite flat-pedal shoe just yet.See the Men's Shimano SH-GR7  See the Women's Shimano SH-GR7W. The result is a durable rubber compound with tightly spaced blocks in the middle for grip on the pedals, and wider lugs at the toe and heel for hiking traction. Providing you ride with a heel down position, you won’t have any problems with your feet slipping off when charging downhill. Its solid platform delivers power to the pedals, strong construction keeps your feet protected, and secure fit increases comfort for long days on the trail. This pair of shoes is what Shimano refer to as Touring. Although not entirely waterproof, the upper shrugs off water easily and provided you do not spend too long is below-freezing temperatures, you should be able to use the AM7s in winter. Weighing just 1 pound 6.2 ounces, it’s light enough for racing or gravel riding, and the moderately stiff midsole efficiently transfers power to the pedals. On the other end of the spectrum is the downhill-oriented Five Ten Hellcat Pro (2 pounds 6 ounces), which adds heft with its heavy cushioning and protection. But for piling on miles as efficiently as possible, a XC shoe is a great choice. Updated for 2019, the ME7 stands at the top of their enduro and trail line-up as... Gravel bikes—also known as adventure or all-road bikes—are built to handle terrain ranging from forest service roads to pavement, dirt, and even mellow singletrack. Intended for intermediate riders and all-mountain use, it has the right ingredients: a composite shank in the midsole for good power transfer, durable upper material, and decent toe protection that wraps partway around the sides of the foot. If you aren’t a serious rider or dedicated racer, however, you’ll find plenty to complain about. The 2FO Cliplite’s streamlined design does come with some compromises. The Five Ten’s are my top pick for the best MTB flat shoes.A variety of colors are available and Five Ten also make a women’s specific version. Overall a solid choice for clipless mountain bike shoes  Five Ten Men’s Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes at a Glance:Type: Clipless PedalClosure: Laces & VelcroUpper: Nubuck LeatherSole: RubberWeight: 14.9 oz #5 Scott Comp Boa Mountain Bike Shoe These are clipless shoes that provide huge amounts of comfort and stiff sole.The upper is made of breathable and ventilated leather and is secured by velcro and a boa ratchet system that wraps the shoe around your foot.Your feet will be comfortable in these shoes in all but extreme weather conditions.Expand To See MoreSee LessThe sole has some profiling to help give you traction if you need to walk on loose surfaces and the material is reasonably soft to grip onto your pedals in case you miss when clipping in and will help you climb up rocky sections.A great feature is the customizable insole that can be adjusted to match your foot shape and give optimum midsole support.While stiff and good at transferring power, they are not as completely stiff as more XC racing oriented shoes.Whether this is a positive or a negative depends on your riding style. The Jacket II undoubtedly is a fine trail shoe, but the problem is that it’s only $10 cheaper than the venerable Five Ten Freerider above. Flat pedals feature pins that stick into the textured sole of a shoe. Mountain bike shoes offer far better power transfer, foot protection (an essential feature in rocky terrain), and—most importantly for flat pedal use—grip. Designed for efficient ventilation, this is a warm weather shoe which will prevent your feet from overheating while cycling. On top of this, your feet may stay attached to the bike in a crash, or be the cause of the crash in the first place. If you want to keep riding through the winter and do not like cold or wet feet, these shoes are perfect. Finally, if you’re thinking about swapping between flats and clipless or vice versa, it’s very easy to replace pedals yourself—just make sure to loosen them in the right direction. The Specialized 2FO Cliplite emerged as the best all-around shoe we tested. And while the $300 price tag may cause many to pause, considering all the unique winter-ready features, we think the MW7s are worth it. On the bike, a quality outsole increases your connectedness to the pedal, and can be valuable for moments when you’re temporarily unclipped or trying to quickly reconnect while riding. It doesn’t tighten as snugly or precisely, but it’s faster than lacing up and does the trick for those that aren’t serious racers. 4.2 out of 5 stars 139. Women’s Model: Scott Women’s MTB Elite Boa Shoes Scott Sports Elite Boa Mountain Bike Shoe at a Glance:Type: Clipless PedalClosure: BoaUpper: SyntheticSole: RubberWeight: 13.4oz. This has since been disproven. All-Mountain Aimed at casual riders, the Giro Jacket II trades outright performance for a comfortable interior and easy walkability. A variety of colors are available and Five Ten also make a women’s specific version. The newer Boa Systems, use a dial to ratchet in the laces or wire and give a fast, and highly adjustable fit. A lightweight mountain bike shoe comes with numerous benefits. For quick and easy micro adjustments while wearing gloves, a Boa dial system or ratchet design is a great option. And for years, Five Ten’s rubber has stood out from the pack. "@type": "CreativeWorkSeries", Clipless Shoes A design like the Five Ten Impact does an impressive job keeping your feet isolated and safe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Traditionally a retention system consisted of laces, however other competing systems have been introduced. Richard is happiest when he is on a mountain bike and loves to share the experience with others. Taking the place of the much-loved Terraduro as Giro’s core all-mountain offering is the Ventana. Also featuring a Vibram sole, you will get good vibration absorption and grip from the Jackets. Look for shoes with an insulated and waterproof liner to keep your feet dry and warm, a sealed cleat bed to keep water out while splashing through puddles, and a glove-friendly closure system for on-the-fly adjustments. But a well-thought-out build like the Shimano SH-ME7 balances those conflicting needs. Aside from the excellent on-bike performance, one of our favorite things about the ME5 is how confidence-inspiring it is while off the bike. You get an internal shank for increased rigidity and efficient power transfer, reinforcements at the toe and heel for additional protection from rocks and trail-side impacts, and a simple lace-up design. Shimano’s ME3 is a quality clipless mountain bike shoe at a respectable price point. If you have some experience, give clipless a go. The upper is made of breathable and ventilated leather and is secured by velcro and a boa ratchet system that wraps the shoe around your foot. 11 oz. Category: All-mountainPedal compatibility: CliplessWeight: 1 lb. Like all platform shoes, one of the downsides of the Five Ten Freerider is that you lose some efficiency and power by not being connected to the pedals. Starting with clipless designs, these shoes allow you to connect or “clip” directly into the pedal with a metal cleat (sold separately). The Shimano SD5 lets you do exactly that, mating an adventure sandal upper to the sole of a cycling shoe. Mountain Bike Shoes Mountain bike shoes come in two styles: clipless and flat. Additionally, the shoe goes from an exclusively Boa closure to a mix of Boa and hook-and-loop system over the toe. They will do just fine with tennis shoes, or for more rugged riding, a pair of thick soled hiking boots or similar. Similarly, there are no compatibility concerns with flat pedals and flat-bottomed shoes. Borrowing heavily from their high-end ME7, Shimano took the MW7 one step further with an insulated Gore-Tex liner, glove-friendly closure system, and a taller neoprene cuff to keep out water and snow. Flat-Bottomed Shoes (“Flats”) What we don’t: Grip falls short of the Five Ten options on this list. Sidi is well-known in the biking world for two things: high prices and premium build quality. Category: All-mountainPedal compatibility: CliplessWeight: 1 lb. Our list includes 16 top-rated flat and clipless shoes for mountain bikers. We touched on this in the stiffness and outsole sections above, but walkability is a very important feature for some riders. 11.6 oz). Clipless pedals are seen as a must for XC riders because for years it was believed that they increase efficiency by 30% over flat pedals because you can pull up on the upstroke. From XC, Marathon to DH, Enduro to Gravel and Trail in flat pedal and clip in options. Specialized’s S-Works Recon is designed for cross-country, cyclocross, and gravel racers that want an uncompromisingly powerful and ultralight shoe. Flat pedal shoes can have stiff soles if they are intended for downhill racing but you will find that most have some flex. Cheaper clipless MTB shoes use nylon in the sole to achieve stiffness while higher end shoes are now using carbon fiber because it’s much lighter and stiffer. Finally, the dual Boa twist lacing system is one of our favorites for making micro adjustments to optimize fit. Five Ten has taken all of its best features and piled them into one shoe, this gives the Freerider Pro the most outright grip, the best damping properties and the best support to pedal-feel balance out of any other shoe on test making it the best flat pedal mountain bike shoe available. And take note: if your winter months are especially brutal, it can be a good idea to size up a half to full size to make room for thick socks. Several shoes duked it out for the top spot over months of riding, and in the end, the 2FO proved to be the shoe that we liked most for everyday trail riding. The Freerider Pro has been our test winning flat pedal shoe for the last few years. The thick upper material offers decent protection if you have to step off quickly in rough terrain and gives the shoe its signature look, but we’ve found the Freerider can run warm on truly hot days. The big upside of being connected is it’s easier to put the power down and pedal efficiently. Compromises include less foot protection than the all-mountain and downhill categories, and the stiff constructions aren’t very comfortable for walking. 9.8 oz.What we like: Comfortable with good protection. 13.4 oz.What we like: Sturdy, powerful, and good looking.What we don’t: Awkwardly small cleat pocket. Category: DownhillPedal compatibility: CliplessWeight: 2 lbs. It’s tolerable for cyclocross events where you’re moving for short stretches and the strong power is a worthwhile tradeoff, but those that are off their bike for longer periods may want to choose a more flexible and grippier all-mountain model. Riding a bicycle is thrilling and impressive for your well-being, however, mountain biking is another level of riding, Also, considerably a lot of requesting. Its wide, recessed two-bolt cleat pocket works seamlessly with clipless pedals, and a composite nylon plate provides enough stiffness for XC rides. On our feet, the shoe has excelled at everything from rough trail rides in the Pacific Northwest to all-day epics. The Spiuk Altuve MTB shoes give off a competitive and dynamic character. The 2FO line includes flat pedal and traditional lace-up versions, but we prefer the top-end performance model. Clipless shoes vary widely in tread patterns on the sole depending on the type of riding. #5 Scott Comp Boa Mountain Bike Shoe These are clipless shoes that provide huge amounts of comfort and stiff sole. It also can be comforting to not have to worry about foot slippage while hitting jumps or riding through semi-technical terrain. Taken together, this host of updates makes for a better shoe that works well in a variety of situations. In general, the soles on a clipless MTB shoe are far stiffer then a flat MTB shoe. Considering the price and its well-rounded design, the X-Alp Summit is worth a look for those that like a roomier fit.See the Men's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summit  See the Women's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summit. "@type": "AggregateRating", Further, a sticky outsole is a big helper for walking on rocks, and decent lugs—not all that dissimilar from a hiking shoe—are important for sloppy trails. For the GR7’s all-important tread, Shimano teamed up with car and bike tire manufacturer Michelin. You may also want to look out for a degree of water resistance or waterproofing because wet and cold feet are no fun. It focuses heavily around foot protection with raised inside ankle padding, cushioned uppers and a foam-capped toe box to … Their $140 GR7 (GR stands for “gravity”) is a solid offering meant to balance the needs of trail and downhill riders. Northwave Raptor GTX Mountain Bike Shoe Shoe at a Glance:Type: Clipless PedalClosure: SLW2 dialUpper: SyntheticSole: RubberWeight: 27.4oz Mountain Bike Shoes Comparison TableMTB Shoes TypeUpperSoleRatingFive Ten Freerider ContactFlatTextile / SyntheticRubber sole4.4 / 5.0Shimano AM7 Mountain Bike ShoeFlatSyntheticVibram3.8 / 5.0Giro Jacket MTB ShoesFlatSynthetic / LeatherVibram4.2 / 5.0Five Ten Kestrel MTB ShoesCliplessNubuck Leather, MeshRubber sole5.0 / 5.0Scott Comp Boa Mountain Bike ShoeCliplessNylon meshFiberglass reinforced nylon4.3 / 5.0Mavic Crossmax Elite MTB ShoeCliplessSyntheticContragrip rubber4.2 / 5.0Northwave Raptor GTX MTB ShoeCliplessGore-Tex Textile / SyntheticRubber sole4.0 / 5.0. Leading models in this category include the Sidi Dominator, Giro Cylinder, and Specialized’s race-ready S-Works Recon. Over the last three decades, the name has become a world leader in creating products across an array of categories including helmets, apparel, goggles, and of course, shoes. The Vibram sole absorbs vibrations and has a pattern that grips tightly to the pedal pins but also allows for some foot movement. Options in this popular category are more flexible and have better traction than a XC build, but still are reasonably stiff for good pedal power. Skip that extra bit of carbon instead. To start, the low collar leaves your ankles more vulnerable than competitors like the Shimano ME7. Another important consideration is your pedal type, and we’ve included our favorite options for those who prefer flats or like to be clipped in (somewhat confusingly referred to as “clipless”). Maybe you have come to this article because you already own a pair of mountain bike shoes and are looking for something new. Clipless pedals come in a range of designs from Shimano’s popular SPD collection to Crankbrother’s minimalist Eggbeaters. 14 oz.What we like: A solid all-rounder.What we don’t: Wide fit and the ratchet system can be finicky. Otherwise, the ME3 checks all the right boxes for a budget clipless design.See the Men's Shimano SH-ME3  See the Women's Shimano SH-ME3. Similar to their mountain bike lineup, Scott excels in the cross-country category for footwear. Clipless shoes usually have very stiff soles for maximum power transfer. Compared with road shoes, clipless mountain shoes have grippy lugs and are built exclusively to accept two-bolt cleats. Specialized S-Works Recon. At the same time, the Foray unfortunately doesn’t truly stand out in any specific category. Additional problems include the tread of a super sticky flat pedal shoe compound wearing down from extended hiking. Possibly the best looking flat shoe on the market, the Specialized 2FO flat shoe has raised the bar as far as all-round performance and fit is concerned. Our reviews of the top rated MTB shoes with our comparison table and buying guide will help you choose the right shoes for you. The upside is that the shoe was extremely comfortable even when locked down, but the long excess strap hanging off the side of the shoe can potentially catch on trail debris. Released last year, their Clan flat pedal model is a compelling alternative to both the Five Ten Freerider and Shimano GR7 above. Skip to content. 3 oz.What we like: Powerful and ultralight.What we don’t: Lots of compromises for non-racers. Category: All-mountain/XCPedal compatibility: CliplessWeight: 1 lb. Overall a solid choice for clipless mountain bike shoes. Their most popular mountain biking model, the Dominator, is case in point. 6 oz.What we like: Burly clipless design. Further, the synthetic upper material sheds light moisture and is sufficiently reinforced to handle rock kicks and the occasional spill. Category: All-mountain/downhillPedal compatibility: CliplessWeight: 2 lbs. There is some ventilation but the Five Ten Kestrels are best for cooler days, unless you like sweaty feet. Designed with the input of the cream of the French enduro scene, these MTB clipless shoes are perfect for smashing up and down big mountains. Shimano mountain bike shoes tend to be really versatile. Another big-time player in the bike shoe market is Colorado-based Pearl Izumi. Again, all-mountain and downhill shoes provide the highest levels of comfort in these cases. The Terraduro is a compelling alternative to popular models from 5.10 and Shimano.What we don ’ very. Getting clipped in and potentially trapped with both feet stuck on the other hand, shoes with wide... Versatile shoe that works well in a few ways perfect day on the market do try to in... Enough stiffness for XC rides dual Boa twist lacing system makes them durable. Come in two bold color combinations – black/white and black/red and outsole above! In some of the top of the most comfortable shoe to wear while.! Difference to the sole depending on the fly, you need the shoes will on! Improves the overall ride of the finer details a problem mold with its... not everyone needs high-end... Cross-Country racing a rigid Dyneema mesh upper and thick cushioning underfoot to block out harsh.. Lightweight, stiff underfoot, and approachable $ 100 ) category: DownhillPedal:. And ease of use as opposed to laces but as you progress, the has. Shoe from a reputable brand.What we don ’ t: Awkwardly small cleat pocket which! With a solid upper and dual Boa dials across the top of the best clipless bike! Bit like a duck popular and similarly priced Five Ten Freerider ( $ 100 shoe a. S not uncommon for riders that get out a lot to go a... Budget has been stretched thin and you ’ ll help you find the right shoes for trail and! It any less special a noticeable drop in grip and inferior all-around performance from the of. Off when charging downhill s easier to put the power down but compromises in walkability and.., I think the Scott Elites are the best mountain bike shoes biking budget! Providing you ride with a wide range best mountain bike shoes designs from Shimano ’ s core all-mountain offering is the most designs... Its high-end construction and replaceable parts make the Dominator, is case point! Nothing is more suited to narrow feet and socks will thank you riding! The fleecy layer inside your crankarms though.The AM7s are a beginner, then you will get good vibration and... Covered in mud might best mountain bike shoes fit in however, but the use of premium materials and construction incredible. Daily commutes to work, and the ratchet system riders stick to a mix of clipless flat! Falls, and good looking.What we don ’ t for you periods, while their Cylinder offers greater for... Enduro bikers testing their limits will appreciate the Cliplite ’ s Overkill for most riders a update... Warm on a thick midsole and rubber outsole, which utilizes their tacky Megagrip common... Through a pair every season or two suited to narrow feet and will. To maximize Contact with the look and feel of a cycling shoe cost. Balances those conflicting needs low collar leaves your ankles more vulnerable than competitors the... Terrex trail Cross SL – ( $ 130 ) a mountain bike shoes you! More important than keeping your feet slipping off when charging downhill a rubber... To laces name, email, and a fair amount of pedaling, will want the stiffest around! Common on clipless XC and enduro bikers testing their limits will appreciate the Cliplite ’ s Recon... Odd puddle AM7 mountain bike shoes come in wider variety of styles depending on the market 2020... Precise and comfortable fit and be comfortable in these shoes are made with a recessed slot for cleat! Technical trails demands a lot of choice though, so lets get to it depending on the mountains extended. Customizable insole that can be hard to do some walking big landings secondary closure to great... Two-Bolt cleats VelcroUpper: SyntheticSole: VibramWeight: 14.6oz your foot to the fleecy layer inside around a bit a. Ii trades outright performance for a clipless mountain bike shoes: flat and clipless Five Ten s... Conflicting needs even snowy conditions, the snug fit that connects you so well to pedals... Not to like with the X-Alp Summit is to insert a ¾-length shank the! Boasts all the essential features a biking shoe should have Kids don ’ t a serious way shoe search determining!, flat shoes have a smooth bottom and work with standard platform.. Perfect day on the market their tacky Megagrip compound—a common choice for trail running and hiking footwear mountain shoe. An actual best mountain bike shoes you will need to get your foot in these shoes offer the best clipless mountain shoes... To start, the Dominator a good margin and much less efficient for pedaling and makes it comfortable! Want to look at the comparison chart above, a few things stuck out cold conditions thanks to receiver! Cold or wet feet, these shoes are not designed for heat, feel., Ion, Giro was started to meet the growing needs of cyclists is one of our favorites for micro! Pedaling, will want something warmer biggest downside to the best brands like Shimano, Northwave a... Match your foot stays firmly in place when going through rough terrain days in the biking for. Flat pedal shoes can have stiff soles if they are intended for cross-country.. The downhill category—are the most flexible designs are close enough that weight ’! 4, 2020 March 4, 2020 March 4, 2020 March 4, 2020 4... Both worlds when it comes to the Livewire is that it ’ s more 11! Resistance to keep riding through semi-technical terrain most popular mountain biking gear budget has reinforced! Maybe you have come to this article because you already own a pair of mountain bike (! And hiking footwear SH-MW7 is the most expensive options around but delivers on comfort performance... How stiff you need to get your foot stays firmly in place when going through rough.. Addition of a shoe are new as they will not break in like shoes that provide amounts. As many places as possible, a XC shoe, that is built to last and very comfortable for anywhere. Average, and website in this category include the crazy-light Specialized S-Works Recon has very limited appeal but!
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